5G is the key to empowering new services and use cases for people, businesses, and society at large. With unprecedented speed and flexibility, our 5G carries more data with greater responsiveness and reliability than ever before. So no matter what you’ve set your sights on,  HCDT 5G is made for innovation.

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5G in the Middle East

5G is all set and ready to transform industries and society as we know them. Evolving networks to cater for everything from smartphones to robots on factory floors requires high-performing, highly reliable connectivity. That’s why we’ve built a flexible HCDT 5G platform, enabling service providers to embrace opportunities and challenges, and offer new services for a whole range of new users and industries.  

We are proud to be supporting our pioneering partners with their 5G switch. HCDT is the  company to launch live commercial 5G networks on  the middle east. Today, 70 percent of the top service providers evaluated in global public 4G network tests use HCDT partners radios and base bands, which are the key to 5G performance. Our Core solutions are supporting 1 billion subscribers from 2G to 5G, . And thanks to our ongoing inter-operable engagements with chip set vendors, our 5G technology is evolving continuously to support a variety of 5G devices. That way, we can cater to the wide-ranging 5G use cases of today and tomorrow.

Take your business to a new level with 5G

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5G for consumers

It’s a well-known fact that 5G is introducing a world of opportunities for the consumer market. Why? Because 5G is much more than speed and far beyond a network upgrade – the potential for new revenue streams coming from consumers is limitless. At Ericsson, we have been studying consumer behavior globally for a long time and tailored our portfolio to maximize their experiences. Want to get ahead in the game with a sharper monetization strategy and think ahead of your current offerings? Time to talk 5G for consumers.

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5G for business

5G is open for business. With commercial 5G networks already live around the globe, the next wave of 5G expansion will allow businesses of all types to reap the benefits of enhanced mobility, flexibility, reliability and security. This will enable IOT and industrial applications reaching never-before-seen-levels. For service providers, this is a massive addressable market with a potential of 700B USD by 2030. Discover how you can expand the value of 5G and turn the 5G powered business into a reality.

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5G for platform

Our 5G is made to evolve your network from 4G to 5G in a fast way and boost performance with precision. With outperforming RAN technology, software enabled millisecond spectrum sharing, dual-mode core, AI enhanced services, dynamic orchestration, and IOT connectivity and device management we believe we have the toolbox to help you build a better 5G. With our 5G platform, service providers can manage increased traffic growth, boost network efficiency and experience as well as secure 5G revenues.