Managed Services Coverage

Radio Coverage for Rural Areas and Complete Radio E quipment Supply

HCDT Solution


      HCDT Management Solution

Monitoring and Management of Radio Network

Generating Alarms and Fault Management

Collection of Performance data from Radio network

KPI reporting platform

Configuration Management

Commissioning Portals for base stations

Reliable Database design and archiving techniques

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

HCDT Radio Solution: Advanced Features

Inter Band Carrier Aggregation

Inter site Carrier Aggregation over X2

2x2< MiMO techniques

256 QAM support

Spectrum offset reduction

Inter and intra site Load Balancing

Automatic Congestion control

Automatic Neighbour Relations


Support of High-power UE

ETWS broadcast & Commercial Mobile Alert System

LTE MBMS ( Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service)

ProSe Direct Communications for Public Safety

Massive MIMO

Licensed-Assisted Access
Slim Carrier

Extra Capabilities

Radio Planning         Complete Base Station Hardware installation    Network Monitoring and KPI reporting

Field Operations and Maintenance      Spare Parts supply        Drive Tests and Network Optimizations 

   Radio Network Change Requests         Rectifiers, Batteries and Racks
a part from the Radio software and hardware supply are services HCDT can support