What is IoT?


The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a set of devices in difference locations, that are connected together through Internet, and are engaged in collection and processing of data. Through super-cheap computer chips and omnipresence of wireless networks, everything can be connected together from something as small as a pill to something as big as an airplane. Adding sensors to these assembly makes this like a living body and not just a dumb object. The Internet of Things is making the world around us more alive and more responsive, by adding intelligent hardware and software to the otherwise dumb objects.

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In the tomorrow's world almost every thing will be connected together through Internet so that everything act together to gain the miraculous power of synergy. It is estimated that devices would be more connected than people, in year 2025 there will be 24.9 billion devices would be connected in IoT while the total human population would be 8.1 billion.

Depending upon your strategy toward IoT, you can choose to integrate 5G or cloud technologies into your business network.

Anyway, HCDT can provide the technologies you need to succeed in the era of IoT.

HCDT is expert at:

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NB-IoT(Narrow Band IoT)

Narrow band Internet of Things, or NB-IoT, is the technology that will enable deployment of IoT to the masses. It works by wireless connections between the devices. It is, as we believe, the true future of deeply embedded connectivity.

Haftcin is able to install some tools on carrier networks in order to create NB-IoT.

IoT Services

Haftcin has the ability to provide a variety of services that present a variety of features in both vertical and horizontal directions on different platforms.

IoT services include a wide range of consulting, development, data analytics, and application management.

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IoT Software

Once tools are installed, we have some software working on devices' cores. Therefore, we provide NB-IoT that can connect to the core layer of the operators.

HCDT provides you with the software you need to make your business up and running and optimized.

HCDT offers IoT solutions for:

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Smart Ports

Ports are highly security-demanding areas, needing 24 hour monitoring and care. accurate sleepless powerful robots can help in this field and make your port company more trustable and powerful.

HCDT offers end-to-end solutions in this field.

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Smart Manufactory

As manufactory units get more and more complex and dangerous so that humans cannot get involved, robots came in as a vital and necessary part.

HCDT can help you make your factory more and more powerful through its IoT solutions.

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Smart Farming

As science penetrates professions and advances them to higher levels of productivity, complexity comes in and traditional methods aren't enough anymore. Farming isn't an exception.

Upgrade your farming methods to a higher level and boost your productivity through smart farming.