CaaS (Coverage as a Service)

Radio Coverage for Rural Areas and Complete Radio Equipment  Supply

Extending coverage footprint on cities/roads

  • Supply Baseband and RRU for different spectrum (also 3rd party economical equipment)

  • Supply of Small cell with Proven SON platform for hot spot area in big cities 

  • Supply of latest SW for FDD and TDD

  • Upgrade/Modernization/Swap of current equipment (HW/SW)

  • Providing New multi-band Port antenna line

  • Providing OD/ID transmission units

  • Providing optical interfaces

  • Outdoor cabinets, Rectifiers and Batteries

  • Upgrading existing core

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

HCDT Radio Solution (Hardware Included) 

Hardware Solution for each site:

  • Multi-band/Multi-spectrum Antennas (3 sectors)

  • 5G  Radio and antenna: AAU 

  • 3G Radio RRU 

  • LTE Radio RRU

  • Baseband Unit, latest outdoor/indoor releases

  • RET switch accessories

  • CPRI/OBSAI Patch cords

  • Optical interfaces (CPRI & Transmission)

  • Outdoor Cabinets, Rectifiers, Batteries (optional)

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

HCDT Radio Solution (Software Included)

  • Basic 5G/LTE functionalities per radio unit

  • Basic GSM-WCDMA functionalities per radio unit

  • Single Carrier (5,10,15 or 20 MHz) per Band

  • Max power per cell (~80watt)

  • Full Capacity Active UE (no lic, up to 1200 per cell)-LTE

  • Full Capacity Cell Bandwidth (no lic, up to 150Mbps)-LTE

  • Mobility support, S1 handover, 

  • X2 interface activation no license limitation-LTE

  • Up to 64 QAM uplink/downlink

  • Latest Flexi software release