5G is the key to empowering new services and use cases for people, businesses, and society at large. With unprecedented speed and flexibility, our 5G carries more data with greater responsiveness and reliability than ever before. So no matter what you’ve set your sights on, HCDT 5G is made for innovation.

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5G in the Middle East

5G is all set and ready to transform industries and society as we know them, evolving networks to cater for everything from smartphones to robots on factory floors requires high-performing, highly reliable connectivity. That’s why we’ve built a flexible HCDT 5G platform, enabling service providers to embrace opportunities and challenges, and offer new services for a whole range of new users and industries.  

We are proud to support our clients with their 5G switch. HCDT is the first company to launch live commercial 5G networks in the Middle East.

What 5G brings about:

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5G for consumers

5G is presenting a universe of new chances for the consumer-market​. Why? Since 5G is substantially more than mere speed and far more than an ordinary upgrade – the potential for the income streams coming from consumers is boundless. HCDT is planning to enter this field in the future.

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5G for business

Our 5G solutions are available for businesses. With commercial 4G networks already existing around the globe, the next generation i.e. 5G will allow businesses to reap the benefits of enhanced mobility, flexibility, reliability and security. This will make IoT and industrial applications reach extraordinary levels. Discover how you can switch to 5G and empower your business with 5G.

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5G as a platform

Our 5G platform quickly upgrades the network from 4G to 5G, increasing speed and precision. We have the expertise to help you create a better 5G network with our RAN technology, AI enhanced services, IoT networking, and managed services. With our 5G platform, service providers can handle increased traffic growth, improve network reliability and experience, and secure revenues from 5G.