remote sim provisioning (RSP) Solution 

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e-SIM Solution 

HCDT provides secure removable or embedded SIMs and remote provisioning solutions for consumers, M2M and IOT devices. This is a proposal to enable client operator to offer network connectivity to the rapidly growing number of consumers eSIM devices. It describes a simple phased-approach to get eSIM devices connected to your network in a matter of days without impacting your current business processes. 

HCDT Consumer RSP Solution

HCDT offers a GSMA SAS-SM accredited remote SIM provisioning (RSP) solution that will allow you to provision consumer devices on your network with a fully inter operable and future-proof solution. Our solution works for all consumer devices with GSMA-compliant eSIMs including the new iPhone XS/XR and Apple Watch. 

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We offer the fastest to market solution at the most competitive price.

 The solution is highly reliable, inter operable , secure, and salable  with high-capacity and redundancy.