HCDT Proposed Managed Services Circles

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HCDT E2E Management Services:

  • Business plan development

  • Deep spectrum of Technology Services

  • Strategy planning

  • Operations management stages:

    • Solution selling

    • Engineering services

    • Consultancy

    • Project management

    • Assessment and supervision

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Odoo • Image and Text

HCDT Management Solutions:

  • Monitoring and Management of Radio Networks

  • Generating Alarms and Fault Management

  • Collection of Performance data from Radio Networks

  • Configuration Management 

  • Commissioning Portals for Base Stations

  • Reliable Database design and archiving techniques

  • KPI reporting platform

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Network Planning and Optimization Solutions

  • Network model tuning 

  • Drive testing and Benchmarking

  • Repository and analysis of drive test data

  • Supply, Delivery and maintenance of post processing Tools

  • Redesign/Design of Cellular Radio Networks

  • Site Audit

  • Spectrum scanning and EMI testing

  • Planning activities (Refarming, Rehoming, AFP, Radio code planning, …)

  • Field Operation and maintenance

  • Complete network’s node installation and integration

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Operational and Commercial Implementation

  • CapEx Management

  • OpEx Management 

  • Resource Supply and Acquisition

  • Competency Development 

  • Vendor Management 

  • Turnkey Project Implementation

  • Care Services

  • Optimization Services 

  • Business Support Systems